Medical Cannabis for Social Anxiety Disorder: A Possible Treatment

Medical Cannabis for Social Anxiety Disorder: A Possible Treatment

Medical Cannabis for Social Anxiety Disorder: A Possible Treatment

You committed to attending the party. But now you see yourself speechless, your interlocutor wondering what on earth is wrong with you. The group quickly forms a clique behind your back. You’ve clearly made some poor fashion decisions, as seen by the disdainful looks others are giving you. No one who may possibly return your affections even talks to you.

You begin to sweat and feel your pulse rate increase as you imagine embarrassing scenario after embarrassing scenario playing out in your head. So, you’ll just make plans to go quickly. If you don’t feel like partying, there’s no use in attending. You decide to put your phone on silent, fire up Netflix, and relax with a glass of wine.

This problem has been avoided, at least temporarily. However, the long-term effects of social anxiety disorder have yet to hit you. Therapeutic and sometimes pharmaceutical benefits scheme approaches are the standard means by which people with social anxiety have dealt with the condition in the past.

However, the correct medicinal cannabis plant strains may be an integral element of an integrative treatment plan for medical conditions such as the social anxiety.

Negative Effects of Social Anxiety Can Be Extremely Disabling

We’ve all experienced social anxiety at some point in our lives, whether it was a fear of public speaking or the dread of having to give a presentation in front of a huge audience at work. That’s okay; it’s just a temporary problem.

In contrast, social anxiety disorder is more severe, more persistent, and more difficult to treat. The effects of social anxiety have been well described by several researches:

If you suffer from social anxiety, you won’t be able to bear the pressure of circumstances like these. In order to alleviate your discomfort with small chat and eye contact, you may decide to avoid interacting with other people altogether. It’s possible for things to go wrong in any area of your life, not just your social life.

This unreasonable anxiety can also be triggered by other types of social situations, such as: dating, talking to strangers, going to school or work, using public restrooms, and eating in front of other people.

The effects can include: low self-esteem; social withdrawal; depression; a lack of self-confidence; an unwillingness to accept constructive criticism; a reliance on alcohol or coffee to regulate emotions; and so on.

Common Medications for Social Anxiety

Whether one’s upbringing, genetics, or a combination of both contribute to social anxiety disorder is still up for debate. A trip to the doctor is suggested in any scenario.

Psychotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy, which involves objectively evaluating personal triggers and environmental factors, are two common examples of conventional therapies. In a perfect world, this would lead to a more thorough comprehension of the issue and the development of skills for modulating your emotional response to it.

The use of drugs is another possibility. Multiple antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and beta blockers are among the medicines that doctors may recommend for treating anxiety.

Medical professionals frequently start with SSRIs like Paxil and Zoloft to treat social anxiety. Venlafaxine, a selective norepinephrine and serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SNRI), is another possible treatment (Effexor XR).

However, concerns have been raised regarding the potential for addiction and other negative consequences caused by these potent medications.

Medicinal cannabis is an alternative that has been researched for ages.

To Reduce Social Anxiety, you can use Medical Cannabis sativa plant products.

Anxiety has been treated with marijuana since at least 1563, when a Portuguese physician recommended it in the hopes that his patients would feel instantly at ease. More in-depth research is needed to determine the efficacy of medicinal marijuana in treating social anxiety disorder and other kinds of anxiety. The preliminary findings, however, are promising.

Cannabidiol (CBD) was shown to reduce anxiety in a 2011 study of 24 people with social anxiety disorder.

According to studies conducted in 2014 by Vanderbilt University, Medicinal Cannabis can have an immediate effect on the region of the brain responsible for anxious thoughts and sensations. Cannabinoid receptors, the mechanism by which marijuana produces its effects, were located in a critical emotional hub of the brain that is responsible for controlling anxiety and the fight-or-flight response.

Canadian patients’ dependency on benzodiazepines was shown to significantly decrease when they began receiving “Medicinal Cannabis treatments under the supervision of a physician” in 2017. This shows that replacing conventional anxiety medicine with medicinal marijuana might be a good idea.

To what extent do the medicinal cannabis strains rich in cannabidiol (CBD) help alleviate social anxiety, and which ones are the most effective?

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive component in Medicinal Cannabis and the primary reason why people use the drug to get high and relieve pain. The opposite effect of reducing anxiety may occur at very high THC doses.

Medical Cannabis for Social Anxiety Disorder: A Possible Treatment

Cannabis strains high in cannabidiol (CBD) are often recommended by medical marijuana authorities for the treatment of social anxiety because of their calming effect on the mind and body.

If you suffer from social anxiety, you may want to try one of these three marijuana strains that are strong in cannabidiol (CBD):

Anxiety sufferers could try the medicinal cannabis strain Harlequin. Users claim it helps them relax while allowing them to maintain mental clarity and focus. Harlequin is a hybrid strain with a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio and a sativa dominance of 75%.

ACDC is among the highest CBD-content cannabis varieties. A CBD to THC ratio of 20:1 and CBD concentrations of up to 19% are among its many impressive features. In most cases, the effects of ACDC are similar to those of THC, resulting in a calm and joyful mood.

A medicinal cannabis strain known for its high cannabidiol (CBD) concentration is called Sour Tsunami. The CBD content of this sativa-dominant hybrid is at 10-11%, making it useful for treating stress, inflammation, and chronic pain.

Alternative, Complementary Methods for Treating Social Anxiety

Other holistic approaches to treating social anxiety disorder exist in addition to treatment and medication. Changes in behaviour might include: consuming less or no alcohol, caffeine, or sugar; sleeping longer; eating a more nutritious diet; engaging in regular physical activity; and hanging out with people with whom you feel at ease in social settings.

Mindfulness techniques like yoga, meditation, and tai chi can also help you cope with the after-effects of worry. In Zen meditation, for instance, the goal is not to run away from unpleasant emotions but rather to learn to embrace them in the hope that they lose some of their power.


We know you might be curios to find out more information and discuss medicinal cannabis uses, or where to get legal medicinal cannabis products in Australia, or who is authorised to prescribe medicinal cannabis products to you, and we know lots of people are also worried about the use of medicinal cannabis.

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